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If you're not sure on how to use this website, just take a look at this video.

  1. Enter a URL that you want Grabify to track.
  2. Give the link Grabify generated to the client.
  3. Save your tracking code that was generated when Grabify generated the link.
  4. Enter the tracking code on the home page and click "Tracking Code" to see all the information captured with Grabify.


Feature Free Account No Account
Email Notifications
Set timezone
Auto saved tracking code
Logs IP addresses
Log country
Log Useragent
Log referring url
Log hostname
Battery Level
Device Orientation
And many more...You can find the full list of features HERE


There are many different domains your can use to customise your link to better fit your audience.

To view the full list of domains, create a link and then click on "Customise".


Please respect the following Guidelines while using this service.

  • No links to malicious websites

  • No adult material

  • Make sure to follow the TOS

Want another domain name added? Email us.