Remove my data

Your privacy is very important to us. Find out our procedures below.

If you accidentally clicked on a short URL, or viewed a webpage with invisible image logger generated by someone using this website without your prior acknowledgment and consent we recommend you to immediately remove the information that could potentially be recorded in our database regarding your click or view. Although none of your personal identifiable information can be collected with grabify.link URLs and IP-loggers, this measure will help you to minimize the risk of making your personal information available to someone else.

You can remove the record with your information from the database by providing the short URL that you clicked. In order to identify and delete your information from our database we have to detect your current IP address and information about your device. The detected information will not be saved in our database. If you decide to proceed you provide your full consent for us to detect your IP address and device information for the purpose of removal from the database.

Please note that if your IP address or device information has changed, it may not be possible to identify your record in the database and remove it as it doesn’t have any information that can identify you.