FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Q: Help! No logs are showing

A: Have you tried refreshing the page? If there are still no logs, then the link has not been accessed.

Q: The location is wrong

A: The location is only an estimate as stated on the page. You can only get so accurate based off of an IP address. To learn more about this, click HERE or HERE

Q: What is "Smart Logger"?

A: "Smart Logger" is a new state of the art logging technology that allows the user to also log items such as: battery level, if the device is charging, screen orientation, device orientation and a lot more that are to come.

Q: Why are some of the values are not showing?

A: This is because the device that clicked the link does not support these items. There is nothing that we can currently do about this. You will jsut have to wait for the device and or browser to update to support these items.

Q: How long to links last?

A: Forever. Links never expire

Q: What are bots?

A: Bots will often show up if you post a link on a social network. bots are programs/websites that access a link in order to get metadata about it such as: Name of side, Images, description and so on.. If you see one of these in your logs, that will be why.